AARP GETS THE SWIFT VETS TREATMENT….In my continuing quest to prove that a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s your picture of the day. Via Josh Marshall, it’s a screen capture from the American Spectator site of an ad from USA Next, a loony right group that thinks of itself as the conservative alternative to AARP. Apparently “the real AARP agenda” is to endorse gay marriage and disband the military.

Lovely folks, these USA Nexters. Clicking on the link doesn’t provide any explanation for this putrid charge, but no matter. Clearly AARP is little more than a front group for godless communism anyway. Here is USA Next figurehead Art Linkletter, attempting a pale imitation of the John Birch Society:

I?d like to ask some blunt questions: Do you want more taxes taken out of your earnings? Do you want more unelected bureaucrats taking over more details of your life and your family?s life? Do you want federal regulators making your health choices, instead of you, your family, and your doctor? Do you want government regulators to control the investment and retirement decisions of your family, instead of you?

If you answered ?Yes,? then AARP is your group….

That brings back memories. In any case, USA Next has now hired the same guys who created the SwiftVets commercials last year ? apparently the military/gay marriage ad wasn’t quite incendiary enough ? and they ought to be a good fit. A marriage made in heaven, so to speak.

The lunatic right marches on. And on. And on…..

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