ARAB TV….Via Abu Aardvark, As’ad AbuKhalil (“The Angry Arab”) has posted a very chatty and bloggish review of Arab TV stations. Sample:

Al-Jazeera:….Al-Jazeera?s orientations are largely vague Arab nationalist, although people in the West would be surprised to learn that people in the Middle East are convinced that Al-Jazeera is run by the Mossad. People in the Middle East do not find Al-Jazeera to be “nationalist” enough. Furthermore, they do not like how Al-Jazeera features Israeli guests/propagandists. The news broadcasts are largely straightforward; the shouting and the anti-American sentiments are expressed on, or confined to, AlJazeera?s talk shows that are widely watched. But they always match the anti-American guest with a pro-American guest.

….You also feel that Al-Jazeera correspondents are increasingly taking seriously the profession that they are in. The staff and anchorpeople come from different Arab countries, and only one anchorwoman wears the hijab (and she did so after working for years without it)–not that this matters but I know how obsessed Westerners are with the “veil”. The influence of Islamic fundamentalist demagogue Yusuf Al-Qardawi is highly exaggerated in the station. He has his weekly program and that is where he confines his fulminations and pontifications.

Obviously a very personal view, but pretty interesting. Worth reading.

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