BLOGGING WOMEN….Since this is the one-week anniversary of the great female blogger meltdown here at Political Animal, I figure it’s a good time to provide links to a few resources for anyone interested in reading more blogs written by women. I’m not generally a big fan of long lists of links, but they have their uses ? and after all, it’s not like anyone is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to click on any of them. You can use them or discard them as you wish.

Note that this isn’t meant to be any kind of comprehensive list, just a few things that have come across my radar in the past week. Feel free to add your own favorites in comments.

  • Over at Preemptive Karma, Carla has created a Progressive Women’s Blog Ring. A complete list of members is here.

  • What She Said! has a lengthy blogroll of “Progressive Women who Blog Politics.”

  • Feminist Blogs is a collective blog with a pretty obvious purpose. It has about 30 contributors and the posts have lots of additional links to likeminded blogs.

  • Ilyka Damen has a list of both conservative and liberal female political bloggers.

  • Plum Crazy has a pair of posts (#1 here and #2 here) with links to individual posts from women bloggers. It’s all part of “Estrogen Week.”

  • The Conglomerate is a legal blog run by Gordon Smith and Christine Hurt. Christine writes that “I have decided to be part of the solution. I am affirmatively acting to find female law blogs, read them and spotlight them.” Here’s the first one.

  • And finally, here’s a list I put together last year. It’s not the same one I’d put together today, but it’s a good list anyway. There’s also this list of responses to last Sunday’s post, most of which are from women.

And of course there’s also the website that started all this, Susan Estrich’s Stop the Bias, primarily dedicated to harassing Michael Kinsley into running more op-eds by women in the LA Times (especially from local women, although that’s gotten less attention.) However, as L.A. Observed, um, observes:

Today’s advantage in the Susan Estrich-Michael Kinsley feud goes to Kinsley. Last week he informed the USC professor that she was no longer welcome on the Times opinion pages, and today the lead piece splashed atop the op-ed page is by her ex-husband, fellow USC professor Martin Kaplan. Oh, the piece is about lying in Hollywood.

It doesn’t really seem likely that this was deliberate, but then again…..

UPDATE: Last sentence modified slightly. The Kaplan op-ed ran on Friday, not Sunday.