HE SAID, SHE SAID….Dan Froomkin reports today that there will finally be someone at the White House who can act as a counterweight to Karl Rove. Unfortunately, that person is Karen Hughes. Here’s the “balance”:

While Hughes is utterly devoted to Bush, Rove is utterly devoted to building a lasting Republican majority.

10-4, good buddy. Guess I’ll break out a tall boy for this celebration.

I actually have personal data to demonstrate how dangerous Karen Hughes is. My wife is temperamentally more conservative than me, but despite that she dislikes George Bush even more than I do. She just can’t stand to watch the guy. It’s visceral, not political.

But Marian likes Karen Hughes. “Oh, she’s good,” she’ll say when Hughes is spinning someone after a debate, and that’s not just technical admiration for a job well done. Hughes genuinely appeals to her.

And that’s dangerous. If Hughes can make even a stone Bush hater like Marian melt, imagine what she can do to someone who just modestly dislikes him. Besides, I don’t think Rove knows when to quit. Eventually he would have screwed himself and his boss pretty badly, and Hughes might stop him from doing that. Pity.