WSJ EDITORIAL PAGE ANNOUNCES PLANS TO LOWER ITS COLLECTIVE IQ EVEN FURTHER….Here’s some fascinating news via an email birdie: the Wall Street Journal editorial page, not content with its already galactic reputation for misrepresenting economic statistics, has hired Stephen Moore as its senior economics writer starting June 1.

Moore, of course, was until recently the chief anti-tax jihadist of the famously anti-tax Club for Growth. As senior ranter-in-chief of an organization dedicated to tax policy, he was the guy who, among other atrocities, apparently never learned that you multiply percentages, not add them, when you’re figuring tax rates.

As my correspondent says, “I hope they also hired a fact checker.”

UPDATE: Why “until recently”? What was it that caused Moore and the Club for Growth to part ways? Apparently the answer is that he got too soft. Chris Cillizza has the full story here.

UPDATE 2: Jon Chait passes along further Moore hilarity from 1997.