CONGRESSIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE AND THE VOUCHER PLAN….I have failed to emphasize that the voucher plan is a lot like the insurance program for Senators and members of Congress.

Politicians are part of the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. They have a choice of between 5 and 10 health plans in each city. Some are HMOs, some are regular insurance with preferred provider programs. They select a plan they like, the federal government pays a large portion of the premium, and they pay the rest. For more expensive plans with a lot of choices of doctors and hospitals and more services, Senators and Congressmen pay more. For the basic plan they pay a little premium. Not every plan offered in a city is included ? they are screened by the Office of Personnel Management.

Does this sound like the voucher plan we have proposed? You bet, except with the added advantage that for the basic plan people would not pay any premium. They would only pay a premium for services above the basic plan. So the Universal Healthcare Voucher plan we have proposed is even better than what Senators and members of Congress now get.

If it’s good enough for them, why not for every American?