BUSH v. CHOICE….This is kind of a weird coincidence. At the breakout session I attended at BlogHer, several of the women were complaining about the lack of blogospheric presence from groups like NOW and NARAL. When I asked if NARAL even had a blog, someone told me they didn’t.

Well, they do. It’s called Bush v. Choice, and according to their archives it’s been around since July 2004. The weird coincidence part of this story is that on the very day their name was being taken in vain at BlogHer, the reality is that they were celebrating the unveiling of a fancy new design by inviting some of the leading lights of the blogosphere to be guest posters. I don’t know if this is a temporary thing or if these folks will be guest blogging on a long term basis, but if you bookmark the site and go back on a daily basis I guess you’ll find out.

Anyway, I just thought I’d point this out. If a dozen bloggers at a “Politics and Feminism” breakout session at BlogHer didn’t know that NARAL has a blog, lots of other people probably don’t know it either. But now you do.

Via Amanda, who’s one of the guest bloggers.

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