Bush Bashing

BUSH BASHING….We already know that lots of conservative are skeptical about Harriet Miers, but what’s more interesting is the number of conservatives who are turning their guns on George Bush himself. Here’s a sampler:

  • Steve Dillard: I am done with President Bush.

  • John Podhoretz: I think this was a pick made out of droit de seigneur ? an “I am the president and this is what I want” arrogance.

  • Peter Robinson: What people see in this is the Bush of the first debate, the Bad Bush, the peevish rich boy who expects to get his way because it’s his way.

  • Andrew Sullivan: Boy, does this pick remind us of who GWB is: about as arrogant a person as anyone who has ever held his office. Now the base knows how the rest of us have felt for close to five years.

  • Stephen Bainbridge: I got a lot of criticism for saying that George Bush was pissing away the conservative moment via his Iraq policies….With this appointment, I’d echo Andrew’s sentiment with something a tad more off color: Bush is now peeing on the movement.

  • Rod Dreher: As for me, I am really, really disappointed in the president.

  • Bill Kristol: It is very hard to avoid the conclusion that President Bush flinched from a fight on constitutional philosophy.

  • Pat Buchanan: What is depressing here is not what the nomination tells us of her, but what it tells us of the president who appointed her….In picking her, Bush ran from a fight. The conservative movement has been had ? and not for the first time by a president by the name of Bush.

  • David Frum: The record shows I fear that the president’s judgment has always been at its worst on personnel matters.

  • Michelle Malkin: Message to the White House: Don’t get stuck on stupid.

  • Jonah Goldberg: Bush’s instincts about where his principles should be are often right. But in this case the principle seems to be that Bush’s instincts are principle enough.