SO IT’S TO BE HARRIET….“Bush names Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.” Harriet Miers is a woman who has excelled in endeavors that require networking and shoulder-rubbing and no actual proof of legal expertise. (General counsel? Lest we forget, Mike Brown’s first job at FEMA was as general counsel.) Already I’ve received a robo-email from Ken Mehlman proclaiming her “extremely well-qualified” and declaring that “like Justice O’Connor”, she “is a legal trailblazer.” That is an insult to Justice O’Connor. Even the Washington Post‘s morning piece on Miers, which goes out of its way to make the most of her skimpy qualifications, can’t avoid the fact that Miers has done very little of note in the legal world and, “if confirmed, she would be a rare appointee with no experience as a judge at any level.”

And since Mehlman has already despaired of any effort by liberals to judge Miers fairly, I’ll go ahead and say it: It’s possible that with a six-week bar review course, any of us would be more qualified than Harriet Miers to sit on the Supreme Court. Bush chose hackery. Let the debate begin!

Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan is a Chicago-based journalist who has written about religion, politics, and culture as a senior editor for Time, National Journal, and Yahoo. She was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2004 to 2006.