PROPOSITION 77….As regular readers know, I routinely vote No on all California ballot initiatives unless they strike me as overwhelmingly positive. I’m not sure that I’d vote for any of the initiatives in tomorrow’s special election even under a looser standard, but they definitely don’t qualify under the “overwhelmingly positive” standard, so I’m voting No on all of them.

However, for those of you interested in further argument, Kash examines Prop 77 (the redistricting initiative) over at Angry Bear and suggests that it might not be such a bad deal for Democrats. The current districting, he thinks, concentrates Democratic votes so strongly that it’s unlikely Dems could do any worse under an independent redistricting plan.

As it happens, I’m pretty unexcited about Prop 77 on substantive grounds ? it just isn’t a very good way to handle redistricting ? but I certainly understand anyone who thinks I’m letting the best be the enemy of the good here. I’m still voting No, but if partisan concerns are important to you, take a look at Kash’s argument.

See you at the polls tomorrow.

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