QUOTE OF THE DAY….I imagine it’s difficult for adamant supporters of the war in Iraq to understand when people change their mind about the value of the war, but when faced with grieving parents, who’ve lost sons or daughters in Iraq, members of Congress should probably avoid questioning the parents’ sanity.

“You’ll have a parent or two here, as you know, whose tragic grief from the tragic loss of a loved one, of a child, causes their mental thinking to be a little destabilized. That’s understandable.” — Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) at a news conference Thursday, discussing parents of slain soldiers who turned antiwar.

Yes, if you’ve decided the war was a mistake, the logical conclusion for at least one Republican member of Congress is that you’ve temporarily lost control of your faculties. It’s gracious of him to describe the phenomenon as “understandable.”

Of course, by Rep. Gohmert’s standards, there sure are a lot of Americans with “destabilized mental thinking.” (per comments, updated link)

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