HIGH TURNOUT IN IRAQI ELECTIONS….Well, Kevin certainly seems to have gotten his wish. From everything I?m reading this morning, the Iraqi elections had a high turnout, including strong Sunni participation, and only scattered reports of violence. I continue to be amazed and impressed by the Iraqis who risk bodily harm to cast a vote, and wonder what the hell is wrong with Americans who can?t be bloody bothered.

Anyway, from my perspective, as an advocate for withdrawal, this is good news indeed. Many Iraqis told reporters they see the elections as a means to end the American occupation, and I hope they?re right. Still, there?s always got to be a downer who?s all negative and shit, trying to undermine any success in Iraq.

However, the Bush administration has stressed that a successful election alone will not be a panacea for Iraq’s problems.

Geez, don?t they know that our soldiers are listening?and the enemy is, too?

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