Uh-Oh….The Abramoff scandal has hit the op-ed pages. But Shakespeare?s Sister, you may be thinking, the Abramoff scandal has been in the op-ed pages for awhile now, you dim ninny. Ahh, yes, but not quite in this way:

A senior fellow at the Cato Institute resigned from the libertarian think tank on Dec. 15 after admitting that he had accepted payments from indicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff for writing op-ed articles favorable to the positions of some of Abramoff’s clients. Doug Bandow, who writes a syndicated column for Copley News Service, told BusinessWeek Online that he had accepted money from Abramoff for writing between 12 and 24 articles over a period of years, beginning in the mid ’90s.

“It was a lapse of judgment on my part, and I take full responsibility for it,” Bandow said from a California hospital, where he’s recovering from recent knee surgery.

A ten-year lapse in judgment, huh? Zany. It?s amazing how such long-term lapses in judgment always seem to come to a screeching halt as soon as some judgment-impaired knob gets busted, and never a moment before.

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