FINE YOUNG MAN….Condolences to Kevin and the USC Trojans, but what a game! Much as I hate to see a victory go to the president’s favorite team and that dreadful hook ’em horns sign, Texas pulled out a heart-stopper of a win. Tied for MVP in my mind are Vince Young and his offensive line. Nearly every time someone was headed straight for Young, a well-placed block gave him just enough room to scramble. That fourth down touchdown was a thing of beauty.

Besides, I’d expect nothing less from the team that managed to beat the mighty, mighty Wolverines in last year’s Rose Bowl.

UPDATE FROM KEVIN: Consider this an open thread for USC fans to whimper and Texas fans to gloat.

BTW, did everyone notice that all the BCS bowls were great games this year? The last few days have been chock full of terrific football.

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