DEMS ON IRAN….Atrios is almost certainly right about this, but it still doesn’t answer the question. At some point it seems likely that the choice George Bush will offer the nation regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions is either (a) leaky and ineffective sanctions or (b) air strikes. I don’t like this choice, but that’s probably what we’re going to get anyway.

Of course, you never know. Maybe diplomacy will work and Iran will back down. But just in case it doesn’t, Dems would be wise to start thinking about whether (a) or (b) ? or some hypothetical (c) ? is the right policy. And then, having thought about it, we can start figuring out how to persuade the American public that our choice is the right one.

We can gripe and complain about the perfidy of Karl Rove all we like, but it’s idiocy not to think seriously about a subject that’s at least 50% likely to be a major campaign issue. And the sooner the better.