TEFLON….Worried about getting cancer from omelettes cooked in your Teflon pan? As it happens, the newly designated “likely carcinogen” PFOA isn’t found in Teflon, it’s only used to make Teflon, so there’s not really anything new to worry about unless you work in a Dupont factory. Just don’t heat your Teflon pans to 500 degrees if your canaries are around.

But if you’re looking for an alternative anyway, try a Scanpan skillet. They cost a fair amount, but the titanium surface is terrific: it heats evenly, it doesn’t stick, and you can scrub it out with a scouring pad if you need to without damaging the surface. The space age explanation is here. I bought one a couple of years ago and it’s the best pan I’ve ever owned. Plus, it’s built like a tank and will probably last forever.

ADDED BONUS: Scanpan is a Danish company, so buying one helps our Danish friends who are being boycotted for allowing newspapers to print offensive cartoons. You can make tasty omelettes and strike a blow for free speech!

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