basketblogging, college edition

BASKETBLOGGING, COLLEGE EDITION….Those of you out in Washington state will have to help me out because I just watched the Loyola Marymount-Gonzaga game and just don’t understand what the fuss over Adam Morrison is all about. Setting aside his truly horrendous facial hair and the fact that he sounds like kind of a tool based on the way he taunts his opponents (“Scoreboard!”), Morrison was scoreless for a good twenty-plus minutes in the middle of the game.

The ESPN announcers may have seen something I didn’t (“Even when he’s not scoring, boy, you can just feel how talented Morrison is!”). Maybe he’s just tired at the end of the conference tournament. But he looked slow, often taking a while to make it back to the other end on defense, and just not creating his own shots. Okay, Morrison still scored 22 points and his team squeaked out a one-point week. But I’m not putting Gonzaga in my Final Four picks just yet.