BETTING LINE ON DUBAI….So what’s going to happen to the Dubai Ports deal? Thursday’s 62-2 vote to kill the deal in the House Appropriations Committee certainly seems like a firm bellwether, but what are the options going forward?

  1. The full House and Senate concur and then George Bush backs down from his promise to veto any attempt to kill the deal. This could be facilitated by some kind of “new information” that Bush claims to have been previously unaware of.

  2. Bush vetoes the bill and Congress overrides. Bush is humiliated.

  3. Congressional leaders manage to fudge the issue in such a way that Bush can sign the bill while still pretending to stick to his guns. Since Dems will fight this, Republicans would have to be almost 100% united to pull it off.

My guess is Door #1. Vote for your prediction in comments!

UPDATE: Mark Kleiman explains Door #3 in more detail.

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