MORE TIRED HEALTHCARE FEARMONGERING….Kinsley’s schtick sure gets tiresome sometimes. See Ezra and Max on his latest column about universal healthcare.

Let me just add this. Aside from the factual problems and shallow analysis that Ezra and Max point out, Kinsley acts as if single-payer healthcare is some kind of radical theoretical construct that no one understands very well. Better to take things slowly.

But various forms of single-payer have been in use in dozens of advanced countries for decades ? including Medicare right here in the United States. There are few social programs we know more about than single-payer, and what we know is that in a well constructed program costs are lower, the quality of healthcare is better, the amount of healthcare is higher, private healthcare remains available to anyone who wants to pay for it, and people are generally far more satisfied than American healthcare consumers are. The problems Kinsley tries to scare us with flatly don’t exist in the simplistic ways he presents them, and it’s dishonest for him to pretend otherwise.