YOUNG REPUBLICANS IN LOVE….Today the Wall Street Journal tells the story of Emily Miller and Michael Scanlon, two aides to Tom DeLay who were engaged to be married until, “with the wedding a few months away, he called off the engagement and started dating a 24-year-old waitress.” After the breakup, Miller began pondering the events of the preceding few months:

People who have spoken to Ms. Miller say that after her breakup she began questioning how Mr. Scanlon could afford a lavish lifestyle while working summers as a beach lifeguard and doing seemingly little work at his public-relations firm. She talked about the beach house he had presented to her, the private jet he flew around in and the $17,000-a-month apartment he rented at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington.

Indeed. That does seem a trifle extravagant, doesn’t it? Shortly thereafter, Miller had a chat with federal prosecutors and helped them build a case against Scanlon, and Scanlon in turn helped build a case against his buddy Jack Abramoff. Miller kept her engagement ring.

Read the whole thing. It’s fun for the whole family.

UPDATE: Apparently Jason Leopold at Raw Story broke many of the details of this story back in January. His piece is here.