I KNOW WHAT YOU MAKE…. Pro sports players, Hollywood starlets, and law-firm associates have long been among the few professionals whose salaries are publicly known, discussed, and compared. Now the same fun is coming to Capitol Hill.

Voila, Legistorm, a new database of congressional staff salaries. As the site notes: “Who is employed by Congress, and how much they are paid, is often a source of fascination for the politically aware. Prior to this site’s creation, members of the public needed to visit the document rooms of the House and the Senate in Washington, DC to discover who was being paid what. Now, all this information is available on the web ? for residents of Alaska or Zanzibar ? at the click of a mouse.”

We’re on deadline at the magazine, so I haven’t had time to play yet. But in the spirit of open-source journalism, let me know what y’all find.

Christina Larson

Christina Larson is a Washington Monthly contributing editor and an award-winning science and environment journalist who has reported from five continents.