Did He Or Didn’t He?

DID HE OR DIDN’T HE?….This story may or may not be true, but legend has it that during one of Lyndon Johnson’s congressional campaigns he decided to spread a rumor that his opponent was a pig-fucker. LBJ’s campaign manager said, “Lyndon, you know he doesn’t do that!” Johnson replied, “I know. I just want to make him deny it.”

I have a feeling that George Allen can relate.

UPDATE: I should probably revise and extend here. I don’t actually think the charges against Allen are false. The fact that Allen is now spending a lot of time denying the charges just happened to remind me of the LBJ story, that’s all.

But it was a bad analogy. At this point, three separate people have confirmed Allen’s use of the word “nigger” during the 70s and 80s (Larry Sabato, Chris Taylor, and Ken Shelton) along with a couple of other anonymous sources. What’s more, it fits pretty well with what we know about Allen’s youthful efforts to reinvent himself as a Southern redneck after growing up in Southern California. Sounds to me like he’s toast.

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