THE BASE….The LA Times reports that the Bush/Rove effort to woo Latino voters has run aground:

The Latino backlash has grown so intense that one prominent, typically pro-Republican organization, the Latino Coalition, has endorsed Democrats in competitive races this year in Tennessee, Nebraska and New Jersey. The coalition is chaired by Hector Barreto, the former administrator of the Small Business Administration under Bush; its president is a former strategist for the Republican National Committee.

….In recent months, Democratic activists who marveled at Bush’s success in courting Latino voters watched with amazement as Republicans pushed into law a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border….Despite Bush’s lobbying for an immigrant guest-worker program, favored by many Latinos, conservative lawmakers in the House refused to bend, forcing Bush to endorse the fence legislation and dimming his popularity among Latinos.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Bush and Rove have happily encouraged culture war politics designed to eke out electoral victories by appealing to a rabidly conservative base, and now that base has come back to haunt them. Like many a demagogue before them, they’ve discovered that controlling a monster is harder than creating one.