SOLVING THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS….I’ve been waiting impatiently for Instapundit’s promised “symposium” on Iraq, an ambitious attempt to see if the blogosphere can come up with better ideas than all those tired mainstream analysts. As it turns out, response was so overwhelming that we’ll be getting multiple installments. Here are some of the suggestions from Part 1:

  • “Regime change. More of it.”

  • Stop worrying about deeply held religious beliefs: “When we give those who follow this or that imam a bigger voice by doing things this way, we get in the way of what we need to be promoting: secularization.”

  • Get Russia to put pressure on Iran. Somehow.

  • Better yet: put Iran’s oil fields out of commission! (Does this mean bombing their oil facilities? Maybe, maybe not. The delicate phrase used here is that we should “disrupt Iranian oil export capacity.”)

  • But don’t forget Syria! If we draw down our forces in Iraq to a “30,000 or so ground troop advisory effort, we’d again have the forces for outright war with Syria.”

  • Etc.

There are also a few pro forma proposals for redeploying troops, adopting a more effective counterinsurgency strategy, sharing oil wealth, and other versions of rearranging the deck chairs, but the main thread is pretty clear: the only problem with our Iraq strategy is that we haven’t declared war on enough people. It’s bracing stuff. Maybe they should write an official white paper to compete with the Baker-Hamilton report. I’ll bet Bill Kristol would publish it.

UPDATE: A reader points out that the 5,000-word “Jacksonian Plan,” which is linked at the bottom of the post and described neutrally as “rather involved,” is, in fact, batshit insane. Basically, we take out Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and then create a “Unity Council” to oversee Mecca and Medina. It’s terrific stuff. I can certainly see why Glenn linked it.