FINAL CAT BLOGGING….I have some sad news. About an hour ago Jasmine was sitting on my desk (keeping an eye on me, as usual) when she went into a violent spasm and fell to the ground. She died within a minute.

I don’t know what happened, but it was probably a heart attack. She’s had a heart murmur ever since we first got her, and it probably finally caught up to her. She was nine years old.

The picture on the right is the last one taken of her. It was snapped on December 30 while she watched us prepare a Virginia ham sent to us by a reader. The ham turned out perfectly, thanks no doubt to her careful supervision.

This will be the first night in years that she won’t curl up between our pillows at night and then methodically take over Marian’s pillow completely as the night progresses. It always helped us sleep better. If there’s a cat heaven, I hope Jasmine is there, eternally chasing fat, lazy mice and snacking on spicy tuna. Rest in Peace, sweetie.