FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Last week I blogged about the sheepskin kitty bed that I got for Domino and what a hit it turned out to be. In fact, it was such a hit that on Wednesday we got one for Inkblot too. We had to go to the dog section of the pet store to find one big enough, but find one we did.

He loves it. All I had to do was put it down next to him and he jumped right in and refused to budge for the rest of the day. (Until dinnertime, that is. Priorities.) And it’s been great for us, too. Inkblot has always tended to sprawl out on the bed, which is sort of inconvenient for us, but now all we have to do is put his kitty bed where we want it (in the middle of the bed, oriented north-south) and he curls up right where we want him. And all for only ten bucks!

So anyway, here’s your Friday Catblogging: Inkblot and Domino in their beloved (and cheap as dirt) cat beds. Best purchase I’ve made all week.

UPDATE: For everyone who’s asked, we got these faux-sheepskin beds at PetSmart. The small one is here and the larger one is here. There’s no guarantee that your cats will be as wild about them as ours, but for ten bucks ($15 for economy size cats) you can hardly go wrong.

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