DICK CHENEY’S BOY…. It looks like another member of the Cheney family is getting into trouble. This time, it’s DHS General Counsel Philip Perry, husband of Elizabeth Cheney and son-in-law of Dick Cheney.

According to testimony yesterday by Government Accountability Office Comptroller David Walker, the DHS strategy of dealing with investigations is to “delay, delay, delay.” This comes as no surprise to Monthly staffers. Our latest issue, due on stands this weekend, has a piece all about Perry, “Dick Cheney’s Dangerous Son-In-Law,” and his role in another delay, delay, delay. That would be the five-plus-year (and counting) delay in producing any serious chemical security legislation in the wake of 9/11, even though security experts agree that our chemical plants are uniquely vulnerable and deadly.

Why would Philip Perry, general counsel of DHS (who recently announced his resignation), have any influence in undermining chemical security? Well, if you ardently oppose regulation, play your cards with skill, and, most important, have Dick Cheney as your father-in-law, there’s almost nothing you can’t make people not do. Read the whole thing.

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