TIME TO VOTE….The Senate may not be able to force a vote on a resolution opposing the surge, but the House will have no such problems. And that means that a sizable number of Republicans are going to face the music this week:

Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest, a Maryland Republican, predicts that 30 to 60 of his colleagues will back the nonbinding resolution, which would be the strongest repudiation of Bush’s Iraq policy from Republicans since the war began nearly four years ago.

….”Many of us have just watched this thing unfold and see nothing changing,” said Gilchrest, whose largely rural district has lost 23 service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. “You face the families and you have to have something to tell them.”

As one Republican congressman put it, “This next week is going to be a very tough one for us to get through. The Democrats know that. We can sit back and hope they overplay their hand, but I don’t think they will.” I don’t think so either.