NORTH KOREA AND NIGERIA…. World Public Opinion has another one of its global polls out, and this one asks people in various countries what they think about people in various other countries. Opinion is pretty mixed about the usual suspects (Israel, Iran, the United States) and mostly follows the usual patterns, so there’s not much of interest there.

But there are two things that caught my eye. The first one is North Korea. I can understand people having a mixed view of Iran or Russia or whatnot, but North Korea? And yet, even in the United States 8% of the respondents had a positive view of North Korea. 26% of Chileans liked North Korea. 31% of Turks. And so forth.

Believing that North Korea isn’t as dangerous as the Bush administration claims is one thing. I could understand that. But believing that North Korea’s influence in the world is objectively positive? WTF?

And then there’s Nigeria. Is Nigeria just the happiest place in the world, or what? It’s always an outlier in these polls, and this one is no different. Nigerians have a more positive view than the world average of every single country in the poll. They like everyone! Except Venezuela. Why are they so sunny in their outlook about everyone except Venezuela?

Anyway, just diddling around here. You can read the full report here. Or just continue talking about the Libby trial.

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