REPUBLICANS ARE DOOMED….Are Republicans doomed in 2008? Ezra has David Broder’s back on this and says no. I say yes.

You want simplistic? Here’s simplistic. Since World War II, parties have alternated the presidency every 8 years. In 60 years, the only exceptions have been Jimmy Carter failing reelection in 1980 and George H.W. Bush winning in 1988. Other than that this rule works like clockwork.

So that’s that. Unless the economy starts an unprecedented boom in the next six months — a rather unlikely occurrence — Democrats will win the presidency in 2008. You heard it here first.

POSTSCRIPT: Yes, yes, I know that Al Gore really won in 2000. But he’s moved on and so can we. Besides, I didn’t say why the presidency alternates every eight years, I just said that it does. It’s magic!

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