THE META SCREW-UP….Eve Fairbanks writes today about the problem of keeping track of Bush administration scandals:

In the last couple of weeks, even in the minds of the lawmakers tasked with oversight, the administration’s scandals and screw-ups have started to blur together into one Meta Screw-Up — a situation in which every procedural safeguard, institutional norm, and carefully designed plan seems to have “just melted into oblivion with this sloppy administration,” as Senator Dianne Feinstein put it at the Mueller hearing. The impression that we are, by now, witnessing the unfolding of one giant, undifferentiated scandal is compounded by the sense that this is some kind of watershed moment: The U.S. attorneys affair unleashed last Thursday’s complaint that Bush partisans meddled with a Justice Department tobacco prosecution, which unleashed Monday’s accusation that the General Services Administration was misused for political ends, and on and on.

Actually, that sounds about right to me. But does it mean there are serious scandals that aren’t getting the individual attention they deserve? Fairbanks makes a case that that’s what’s happened to the FBI scandal, which is “arguably, just as serious as the U.S. attorneys scandal and the others.” Read the rest.