MIRROR, MIRROR….Since loathsome media stars are in the news this week, I’m curious: who do you think is the most loathsome of all? Feel free to interpret this any way you want: personally most annoying, most damaging to the body politic, most dishonest, most harmful to the general karma of the universe, etc. Whatever. Basically, who would you most like to get rid of?

By rights, I suppose the answer should be someone like Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity. And those are all good choices! But for reasons I can’t fully articulate — perhaps because I just don’t watch enough TV — my choices are Nancy Grace and Chris Matthews. If “Wall Street Journal editorial page” were a person, they’d make my list too.

What’s your choice? And even though I’m not setting a good example here, let us know why you chose who you chose. But please keep the language entertaining, not offensive. It’s a weekend, and the cats might be reading.

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