RUDY!….Michael Wolff questions the journalistic bone fides of two reporters who have recently written profiles of Rudy Giuliani:

Neither reporter — both of whom accompanied Rudy on his campaign trips — appeared to have asked the obvious question (it’s a reasonable question for all politicians, but it’s professional negligence not to ask it of Rudy): whether he’s on antidepressants or any other pharmacological mood stabilizers.

Read the whole thing to get a grasp of why veteran New Yorkers are astonished that anyone thinks Giuliani has even a remote chance of becoming president. Nickel version: it’s only a matter of time until he implodes on the campaign trail with the cameras rolling. And rolling. And rolling.

This is why I think the Republican race is easier to call than the Democratic race. It seems to me that all three of the top Dems are serious contenders, and it’s almost impossible to figure out which one is most likely to win. Among the Republicans, though, it’s simpler: McCain is spiraling into irrelevance and seems clearly doomed; Rudy is a walking time bomb; and it’s nothing more than a measure of GOP desperation that Fred Thompson is considered anything but a joke. So that leaves Mitt Romney. Despite his affection for Battlefield Earth, he seems like the only candidate with a chance.

As usual, I’m sure I’ll turn out to be wrong about this. But I sure don’t see how any of these other guys manages to muddle through.

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