BILL RICHARDSON….Call me crazy, but am I the only one who thinks that these new ads from Bill Richardson are wildly, bizarrely, wrong? Sure, they’re funny, and I know they’re aimed at those crazy hipsters who watch YouTube, not the old fogies who watch CNN, but still: isn’t Richardson’s whole problem that even though he’s got a resume as long as your arm nobody really knows what he stands for? And don’t these ads just confirm that while ostensibly making fun of it?

On the other hand, people are talking about the ads. Soon they’ll “go viral” and eventually the New York Times will write another thumbsucker about the power of new media, complete with chin scratching quotes from Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis. I can hardly wait.

UPDATE: Comments are running approximately a thousand to one against me (I’m extrapolating). The general feeling seems to be that since Richardson is basically unknown, anything short of video of him sodomizing a goat is a winner as long as it gets him some attention. Could be. Bring on the New York Times!