EDITOR WANTED….Interested in a career in political journalism? If you are, we have an opening for an editor at the Washington Monthly. It’s a two-year stint beginning in August.

Now, it’s worth noting that “editor” at the Washington Monthly is not the word we use for the actual person running the magazine. That would be the editor-in-chief, Paul Glastris, for whom you would be working. (He’s a really nice guy and a terrific editor, by the way.) In fact, you would be one of three editor/reporters, responsible for both editing other people’s articles in the magazine as well as writing several pieces of your own each year.

This is a Washington DC-based job, and it won’t make you rich. But damn, you’ll be following in illustrious footsteps. (Seriously. James Fallows, Jonathan Alter, Kate Boo, Joshua Green, Michelle Cottle, David Ignatius, and lots of others. The Monthly is famous for its alumni.) If you’re interested, click here and follow the instructions.

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