FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….This is Domino’s latest conquest, a wicker basket that we accidentally left out a few days ago. It’s her new favorite thing. Any bets on how long it will take her to get bored with it?

And speaking of Domino: Yesterday Marian and I went to the Orange County Fair (type “Drum” in the search box here to see why) and saw Domino’s twin. It was a goat at the petting zoo: jet black, white mark on its forehead, and a big pear-shaped butt just like D’s. I suppose this describes lots of goats, but the first thought both of us had was, “Man, that looks just like a gigantic Domino.” We’re just easily amused city folks, I guess.

As for Inkblot, I thought a picture of him under the bench highlighted by streaks of light might be cool. Turns out I was wrong. But that’s the picture you get anyway.

In other cat news, you’ve all seen the story of Oscar the amazing death cat, haven’t you? If not, here it is. Also, a reminder: cat threads are for cat comments. (Example: “Aw, he’s so cute!” Or: “Kitties!”) No politics allowed. Them’s the rules.