WHY IS HE LYING?….About two minutes ago I got an email from a reader asking a question that’s been on my mind too: Why is Alberto Gonzales lying?

I’m not talking about his stonewalling in the U.S. Attorney firings. His motivation is pretty obvious there. I’m talking about his insistence that the meetings he held on March 10, 2004, just before he buttonholed John Ashcroft in the hospital that evening, weren’t about the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program. What am I missing here? Gonzales seems to think it’s important to persuade the public that there was no internal dissension over the wiretapping program, but why? There’s a huge amount of evidence from every major player that there was internal dissension, and an equally huge amount of evidence that that’s exactly what the meetings were about.

So not only is Gonzales fighting an obviously losing battle, but it doesn’t strike me as a battle that’s even very important. So what if there was dissent? There’s dissent about a lot of stuff. It’s not that big a deal. In any case, certainly not a big enough deal to commit perjury over.

What am I missing?