YOUNG PEOPLE….Matt Yglesias notes something from that survey of young people that I missed earlier this morning:

White young people like the GOP just fine; the GOP has a two point advantage. The issue is that black and hispanic youth loathe Republicans and the younger demographic has disproportionately few non-Hispanic whites….The Democratic leanings of young people are driven by giant advantages among women (+28), people with no college education (+28), Hispanics (+42), and blacks (+76).

I don’t have anything sparkling to add to this, but just thought it was worth pointing out.

And while we’re on the subject of writing about young people, you know what’s really hard about writing about young people? Coming up with synonyms for “young people.” A couple of weeks ago I wrote an op-ed about the Republican collapse among our nation’s youth, and the hardest part was figuring out ways to avoid saying “young people” about twice per paragraph. Eventually I came up with “Gen Y,” “today’s youth,” “young voters,” “twenty-somethings,” and “18-29 year olds.” Crikey.

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