FRED THOMPSON UPDATE….It turns out that Fred “The Great White Hope” Thompson managed to raise only a piddling $3 million in the second quarter of the year. Reaction has been swift:

Some are already saying a prospective Thompson run is a flop. “I just don’t see it anymore,” said a key Republican who had been extremely enthusiastic about a Thompson candidacy.

“That number is really underwhelming. There were indications it could be double that. They’ve been saying that people were waiting for Fred, and the money was going to pour in. He looks like he’s already losing momentum.”

And the Thompson camp’s response? Hey, he’s just testing the waters:

“There has been some criticism that the testing-the-waters committee is not such a testing-the-waters committee….He’s raising enough to test the waters….It’s a testing-the-waters-type number.”

So, um, how does the water feel, Fred? Chilly?

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