PROFESSIONALS STUDY LOGISTICS….An interesting point from Amory Lovins in an interview over at Grist:

About a third of our army’s wartime fuel use is for generator sets, and nearly all of that electricity is used to air-condition tents in the desert, known as “space cooling by cooling outer space.” We recently had a two-star Marine general commanding in western Iraq begging for efficiency and renewables to untether him from fuel convoys, so he could carry out his more important missions. This is a very teachable moment for the military. The costs, risks, and distractions of fuel convoys and power supplies in theater have focused a great deal of senior military attention on the need for not dragging around this fat fuel-logistics tail — therefore for making military equipment and operations several-fold more energy efficient.

The Apollo program gave us Tang, so why can’t the Iraq war give us fuel-efficient vehicles? It would be nice to get some benefit out of it, after all.