Sleeping With the Fishes

SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES….Courtesy of the Washington Post, an example of how the Bush administration’s governing philosophy is apparently the result of too many viewings of The Godfather:

  • On October 24th of last year, U.S. Attorney John Brownlee, after years of effort and with the approval of the head of the DOJ criminal division, is a day away from securing a guilty plea from the manufacturer of OxyContin.

  • Mary Jo White, a defense lawyer representing an executive for OxyContin’s manufacturer, calls Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty to beg for a postponement.

  • McNulty tells his chief of staff, Paul Elston, to call Brownlee and ask him to slow down.

  • Brownlee declines and announces the settlement.

  • Eight days later, Elston puts Brownlee’s name on a list of U.S. Attorneys to be fired.

Brownlee dodged the bullet and is still a U.S. Attorney. But I’m sure he and his colleagues got the message.

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