SCOTT THOMAS FOLLOWUP….Remember Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the soldier in Iraq who wrote a piece last month for the New Republic in which he recounted stories of (a) mocking a disfigured woman, (b) a fellow soldier who wore a piece of a child’s skull he had found, and (c) another fellow soldier who ran over dogs with his Bradley fighting vehicle? Well, TNR has just put up their investigation into Beauchamp’s piece, which included talking with “current and former soldiers, forensic experts, and other journalists who have covered the war extensively, [and] five other members of Beauchamp’s company.”

The result? They “all corroborated Beauchamp’s anecdotes, which they witnessed or, in the case of one solider, heard about contemporaneously.” The only error they uncovered was that one of the incidents apparently took place at an Army base in Kuwait, not Iraq.

Reaction from the right, which has been loudly insisting for a couple of weeks that the whole thing was a fake? Stay tuned. I expect that they’ll find reasons to hold both Beauchamp and TNR to blame for the whole thing anyway.

UPDATE: Here’s my prediction from a week ago:

Like a Kabuki story, though, you can already see how this is going to play out….Eventually some small part of Thomas’s account will turn out to be slightly exaggerated and the right will erupt in righteous fervor. They were right all along! Thomas did make up his stories! The left does hate the troops!

Rarely does a prediction turn out to be quite so completely on the money.

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