ALBERTO AND THE DEMS….Why won’t congressional Democrats vote to impeach Alberto Gonzales? Gutlessness? Maybe. But Dahlia Lithwick favors a different theory:

As an article in today’s Los Angeles Times by Peter Wallsten and Richard B. Schmitt observes, the dustup over Gonzales is proving invaluable to Democrats in an election year. The spectacle of Bush clinging desperately to an inept and untruthful AG is just about a campaign commercial in itself. Why impeach/censure/defund the hand that feeds you? The day Gonzales steps down is the day Democrats must hustle to find a new issue.

There is, however, a real cost to the Democrats’ strategy of pounding away at the attorney general purely for sport…..

In the case, “real cost” is spelled “FISA.” Click the link for more.

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