FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING…. Yesterday afternoon, as I was idly avoiding some other work, I decided that maybe I should (a) try my hand at lolcat blogging and (b) try to do something funny about the Very Serious Person meme currently gripping the blogosphere. As a result, I spent 20 minutes waving some ribbon around in front of the cats trying to get a picture of them looking ferocious or something. Unfortunately, between the poor light, uncooperative felines, and unacceptable shutter lag on my camera, I failed miserably. Instead you get this. It’ll have to do for now.

To give credit where it’s due, this was inspired by reader Dara L, who sent me some lolcat-esque pictures of Tom Friedman and Anne-Marie Slaughter. They were actually pretty funny, but I decided to use real cats instead. Tradition, you know.

UPDATE: I don’t have room for them on the blog, but by popular demand from Scott E, I’ve uploaded Dara’s pictures to our server. Friedman here. Slaughter here. Enjoy!