“STUBBY LITTLE LEGS”?….Garance Franke-Ruta, reporting from deep in the wilds of heartland Republicanism, is trying to figure out why so many GOPers are going gaga over Fred Thompson. So she asked a “leading figure in the Iowa Republican Party,” who told her it’s because Fred is a celebrity, Fred is a real conservative, and Fred weighs more than Hillary Clinton. Seriously:

“Can you imagine what debates are going to be like with great big Andrew Jackson-looking Fred and Hillary on her stubby little legs, stamping her feet?” Thompson, if elected, would be the tallest president ever. Republicans are not just looking for the usual John Wayne-type signifiers as they go about selecting a candidate, but thinking about who can best loom over Hillary Clinton and make her look like a shrill, small, silly little woman. Thompson’s booming voice will make her “sound like Madame Defarge.”

If there’s any reason to support Hillary Clinton in the primaries, this is it. Contrary to this guy’s delusions, Clinton would eviscerate Fred Thompson in a debate, and maybe, just maybe, this would drive the GOP’s core jockocracy into such shrill unholy madness that the entire party would self-destruct in a stupendous display of mass hysteria. It’s worth a try, anyway.

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