FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….This is Inkblot at his magnificent, library cat best. The window of our dining room faces west, so in the afternoon it gets a nice, strong light that produces fine, manly shadows for any cat dashing enough to take advantage of it. I betcha Chris Matthews could practically smell the Aqua Velva if anyone showed him this picture.

As for Domino, she looks like she’s resting comfortably outside, but what this picture doesn’t show is that Mr. Aqua Velva was chasing her around the patio amid much hissing and growling this morning, and the only reason she jumped up on the table was to escape his whirling paws of death. Far from being relaxed and contented, she has her eyes focused directly on Inkblot, who’s about two feet away and probably plotting his next move.

As for me, my next move is lunch. Have a good weekend, everyone.