GETTING BEYOND BILL….We all know that the press mostly ignored dissenting voices in the runup to the Iraq war. So how are they doing this time around as the hawks begin talking up a war with Iran? Dan Froomkin says not so well:

Robin Wright recently provided an overview of the drum-beating in The Washington Post. The people involved and their arguments are all too familiar: They are more or less the same so-called “experts” who enthusiastically advocated the invasion of Iraq, making similarly authoritative-sounding declarations about the uselessness of diplomacy and the easy triumph of military might.

But far from being ignored — not to mention laughed out of town — these neoconservatives are getting their message out largely unrefuted.

Froomkin’s advice? There’s more to life than just Bill Kristol and John McCain. Most members of the foreign policy community oppose military action against Iran, so why not invite them onto Meet the Press too? He’s even got a handy list of recommendations for Tim Russert’s booker.

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