MORE O’HANLON….According to Steve Clemons, “Mike O’Hanlon is under contract with the US government’s propaganda network, Alhurra.” Really? That seems worth a disclosure or three, I’d say.

UPDATE: Alex Rossmiller of the National Security Network says in comments:

Steve’s overstating the case here.

I appreciate what he’s trying to do, but al Hurra, while a U.S. government-funded exercise, is hardly an administration mouthpiece. They offer a stipend to everybody who goes on, so the money isn’t tied to ideological fealty. I should know: they have no problem having me on repeatedly (and providing said stipend for each appearance) even though I’m resolutely critical of the administration — and not in the fake O’Hanlon way, either.

Now, I don’t know if he actually has a *contract* — if so, maybe that would make a slight difference — but it’s a huge stretch to say he’s “on the administration payroll” because he gets money that originated with the State Department for saying whatever he wants on a TV station.

UPDATE 2: Steve Clemons responds:

O’Hanlon is not just getting a stipend for appearing now and then on Alhurra. According to another Alhurra employee, he is “under contract” to them not just as a commentator but as someone who helps produce shows, line up others, etc….that is different — and compensated far more robustly than the modest honoraria you may receive for appearing.