WISHFUL THINKING WATCH….Maura Reynolds and James Gerstenzang of the LA Times write that Alberto Gonzales’s resignation may have a “silver lining” for George Bush:

“The Texas mafia is leaving,” said Ron Kaufman, a longtime political advisor to the Bush family. “There’s a shift in the philosophies of the appointees you have [around the president]. They are much more creatures of Washington, D.C., and not Austin, Texas.”

But therein may lie an opportunity for Bush. In two weeks, the president has accepted the resignations of the two members of his staff who have drawn the most ire from the Democrats who now control Congress: Gonzales and political advisor Karl Rove. And that may give Bush a chance to salvage his relationship with Capitol Hill and the legacy of his second term.

Uh huh. I’m sure he’s so looking forward to mending relationships with Democrats in Congress. Because, you know, he’s a uniter, not a divider.

Come on, people. You’re playing in the big leagues. Are you seriously trying to tell us that Bush’s problems with Congress are due to recalcitrant aides? You do know who the cossacks work for, don’t you?

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