IS OUR BLOGGERS EDUCATED?….Just to follow up on Matt and Atrios’s point about media obsessions with bloggers as semiliterate ranters, here’s a quick list of the highest traffic liberal political blogs and the educational attainments of their proprietors:

  • Josh Marshall: Princeton, Brown PhD

  • Markos Moulitsas: Northern Illinois University, Boston University Law

  • Ezra Klein: UCLA

  • Duncan Black: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Brown PhD

  • John Aravosis: University of Illinois, UParis, Georgetown Law

  • Jeralyn Merritt: UMichigan, UDenver Law

  • Matt Yglesias: Harvard

  • Arianna Huffington: Cambridge

  • Brad DeLong: Harvard, Harvard PhD

  • Mark Kleiman: Haverford, Harvard PhD

  • John Amato: Hunter College

  • Glenn Greenwald: George Washington, NYU Law

  • Jane Hamsher: USC (masters)

I’m the dimwit in this crowd, boasting only a bachelors degree from Cal State Long Beach. On the other hand, I do manage to read a book or two each year, and I’ve traveled outside the country several dozen times in my life so far.

And before anyone gets mad, yes, I’m sure I’ve stupidly left someone important off this list. It’s just a quick reality check for any roving journalist wondering who’s behind the pixels that account for the vast bulk of liberal blog traffic.

And blog readers? Here’s the 2006 BlogAds survey. It’s a pretty select group.